Click2Call Frequently Asked Questions

Click to Call is an automated telecommunications solution offering your customers the option to request a free callback and get frustration-free First Class service.

Click to Call can be integrated on both webpages, social media, mobile apps, newsletters and email messages as a clickable link or banner and also on printed promotional material, user manuals, or even on product packaging via a QR Code.

Once the customer clicks or scans the Click to Call icon or QR, a pop up window appears. He then enters his contact name and phone number and following the click on “Request a callback” he gets the call completely free of charge and without having to wait for it!

Based on the configuration set by the owner of the Click to Call service, the service can call first the agent (first leg) and upon availability in turn the customer (second leg) and vice versa.

Many studies and reports have shown that when it comes to questions about billing, delivery, product support or service and other more general inquiries, most consumers prefer phone contact over any other alternative, including e-mail, FAQs or other live text chat.

Click to call is a competitive advantage for any business since it offers ease of transition from browse to purchase by influencing purchase decisions the time most needed. When the shopping cart (either in an online or in a real store) is ready for checkout!

Click to call works as a stepping stone for the customer to move forward and eventually buy from you!

Nope! Click to Call is future proof and 100% compatible with any phone device as long as it works! To setup, configure and get reporting, you will also need a computer or tablet with internet connection, but this is also pretty apparent!

It depends how PC literate you are! If you are using web email accounts or even social networks platforms then you are more than qualified to create your button or QR code in less than 10 minutes.

Yes of course, though the customization is not included in the 10 minutes mentioned above that you will need for the set up. Still if you have advanced graphic designing skills you should definitely give a try! If you can’t, no worries! Give us a ring using Click to Call and together we will sort this out!

Click to call is not just good! It’s smashing! Click to Call is a pay-as-you go service, with no set up fees, no contracts, no expiration of the airtime, no hidden expenses, no third party costs or small print!

All major payment methods are welcome. You need first to login Click to Call control Panel and in turn buy the airtime you need.

You can create as many Click to Call buttons or qr codes as your departments or as many as you like or as long as you can handle the calls with efficiency. Otherwise you will jeopardize the solution and lose credibility and customer loyalty.

Of course! Otherwise it wouldn’t be a smashing service! In total you can configure the service to operate on specific dates, days and times, to accept or not calls to/from specific landline, mobile, domestic or international or VoIP numbers and definitely IPs.

You can get a log for everything that has been generated via each one of your Click to Call buttons or QR codes, so that you can measure and evaluate the effectiveness of various factors across your points of reference.

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