Click2Call Advantages

Easy installation

Designing the Click to Call button or QR code for your online or printed material is as easy as a pie! Once done, you can then copy & paste the HTML code on your website and print and stick the QR on your printed materials!

Pay as you Go Service

Click to Call is a pay-as-you go service, with no set up fees, no contracts, no expiration of the airtime, no hidden expenses, no third party costs or small print!

Compatible with any infrastructure

Click to Call is 100% compatible with any infrastructure since you only need a phone number to serve your customers and a computer or tablet with internet connection for the setup, configuration and reporting!

Real-time solution

The Click to Call offers real-time tangible results! Once in place you can immediately start getting calls from your customers and make their customer experience exceed their customer expectation!

Better Customer Service

Click to Call acts as a bridge between online and offline environments and ensures that anywhere a customer can come across a product, there will always be a way to speak to a customer service representative free of charge!

Increase Online Sales

Online shoppers usually get frustrated as they cannot get answers to their questions and end up abandoning the website or the cart. With Click to Call leads can be converted into purchases!