Overview of Click2Call Service

Let your website visitors call you for free, from your website!

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Click2Call is an automated telecommunications solution offering your customers the option to request a free callback from your company and talk directly with one of your representatives.

Click to Call will make 2 calls and connect your customer to you.

How to create a Click2Call Button

Step 1

Register with Click to Call and create a Click to Call button.

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Step 2

Place the generated HTML code at your website.

Step 3

Allow internet visitors to call you for free!

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Getting Started:

  1. Register
  2. Create and configure your Click to call Icon or QR code
  3. Optional: Customize the looks and voice prompts of the service
  4. Top up your Account
  5. Place the generated HTML code on your website or generated QR code on products and printed material
  6. You are now ready to receive calls

Click2call will enable you to:

  • Optimize the workforce load of your business phone system
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Decrease Shopping Cart abandonment
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction