Why Click2Call

Click to call optimizes business phone systems work force load

Click to call can be configured to initially call your company and only when this call is succesfully answered the system will call your client.

In this way, clients have a much better experience communicating with your company and are more likely to return soon.

At the same time your business phone system performance is balanced avoiding unexpected peaks that can't be properly served ending up with frustrated customers.

Click to call can significantly enhance customer service

Use multiple click to call icons set to ring to different departments in your company. Your clients will use the appropriate icon depending on the webpage they are actually visiting.

In this way they will talk directly to the department they are interested in avoiding frustrating IVR's and lengthy Queues.

Click to Call improves customer satisfaction and decreases shopping cart abandonment

Communication by email or contact forms, can work quite well in some cases but most of the time having to wait for an answer before you buy a product is quite frustrating.

Customers usually prefer to finalize a deal using a friendlier communication channel to them, such as the telephone, because they are able to instantly get their questions answered and in this way feel more secure and can easily let go. By making this communication free for the customer, and most importantly hassle free, you are likely to stand out from the competition.

A happy customer is always a returning customer!